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Beat Leon's playthrough in RE6 last night. I don't know why they decided to split the arcs up, there are parts where the characters meet up that didn't make sense to me, like a piece of a puzzle was missing. Overall I have mixed feeling about the game. It definitely got better as it went on. The first chapter with Leon has many moments with hundreds of enemies on screen in tiny environments that just become a cluster fuck. The health system I also thought was retarded in the first chapter. I played it in hard mode (veteran) and one hit would leave me drained, the new herb system allows you to recover blocks of health at a time and you don't have to fill the whole thing, filling the whole thing was always a waste as as soon as I got hit I would drain to one block so it was always better to keep it at 2-3 blocks. This system got better by the second chapter though since you get points to upgrade skills and getting the skill that allows you to break free from hits faster is a huge help.

The greatest part about this game as opposed to RE5 is that you don't have to give a shit about what your partner does, they can die (though rarely) and you don't have to help them and they never pick up any items. The inventory is also way better and I like how there is only one of each type of gun, and not a million varieties of machine guns.

Also the T-Rex Dr. Simmons boss in Leon's arc may be the greatest thing I have ever seen in a video game.
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