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Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
Which member of the band are you? I've gotta say, your originals aren't bad. Not too shabby at all. Good guitar playing, good singer (she's cute, too, which won't hurt you at all). Frankly, I can't hear the bass in these recordings, but I think the guitar playing and the drumming are pretty damn good. Even the vocal harmonies are pretty good (which I know to be difficult). To be honest, though, I think you need a second guitarist (shit empties out during the solos, ya know?), and you ("you" being a very general statement) need to work on your stage presence. Not that you asked for a critique, but posted it, so you're bound to get a response, right? Either way, I'm impressed. Keep on keepin' on.
I play guitar. I agree about needing a second guitarist, we're actually in the process of training a live second guitarist now. He's gonna start playing most shows with us start next month. The bass is usually a bit more up front than it was at this show - they actually didn't have the bass miked on stage and had him going both into the board directly through his pedals and into the amp, unmiked onstage. Especially on the soundboard recordings, the bass isn't as beefy and as present as it usually is during our shows.

Regarding the stage presence thing... I see where you're coming from, sadly this place had a very small stage and especially on my side of the stage there was literally like no room to move whatsoever. When we actually get a decent amount of room we usually move around quite a bit and get a little more into the shows. That being said, I think we could improve on it a bit in general.
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