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Anthrax -- Portland, ME -- October 3rd, 2012

I was planning on going anyways but last week my buddy hit me up telling me he won a couple tickets so there was no planning...just going. I got out of work at 8 picked him up and quickly shuffled up to Portland. Got in just as Testament was finishing the solo to True American Hate. They were loud. Guitars sounded a bit muddied in the mix and vocals seemed low at points but otherwise they were fantastic. On a side note holy shit I didn't know there were so many Anthrax/Testament fans here in maine. It was pretty packed in the state which is a shock to me. Ok Back to the show. Wonderful stuff. My friend had never listened to Testament but he said they kicked ass and loved Chuck's air guitaring He was all over the place. Down near the crowd singing with them and everything. Great stuff. Not one person went over the wall during Over The Wall. I don't remember everything they played but here is what I know they did. On one more note I don't know if Testament has ever played Maine before last night. Hope they don't wait so long if they have to do it again

True American Hate
More Then Meets The Eye
Dark Roots of the Earth
Into the Pit
Over The Wall

Right after they finished I went and picked up an Anthrax shirt and a signed copy of Worship music then went down onto the floor for them. Lights go out and boom here comes Hymm #1. Crowd went wild. Pits wern't that intense but they were fun enough. Saddly Maine doesn't know how to fucking Wardance properly so Ian gave a nice speech on how to correctly do that shit. I helped in the cadance of it myself because some of these people just don't know. Anthrax sounded wonderful. Vocals were clear and Joey was in top form. Hearing Deathrider and In My world was awesome. They looked like they were having a ton of fun. Ended up getting a Frank Bello pick after the show ended because some dude with a face tattoo let me have it. He could have kicked me square in the face if he wanted to but he didn't and I appreciate it. I SWEAR they did not play Madhouse. I might be wrong in that but I don't think it happened. My buddy loved them though and getting him to participate in the Wardance was fun because he is just a Chuck Billy size indian.

for the most part in order.

Fight Em Til You Can't
Caught In A Mosh
Hymm #1(intro)
In The End
In My World
Be All, End All
The Devil You Know
Got The Time
I Am The Law

It was a blast honestly. I'm glad I was able to make it to this show and go for free. I would have paid no doubt.

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