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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Yeah, exactly. There wasn't enough emotion maintained to make me feel like anything awesome was about to happen, and in fact, it really never did. I mean, like I said, what with all the strangeness of this weird dystopian world that they were living in, I'm sure a nice descriptive book would be very compelling, but it just seemed that with the movie they weren't really even trying very much to hold my interest. Consequently, very few fucks were given by me.

That, and I could tell the whole time that this is just going to be another slightly more adult version of the Twilight saga, only with humans fighting humans instead of vampires fighting werewolves. I think I might pass on the remaining installment(s).
Sorry dude, the book is probably worse. I can't say so since I never read one in it's entirety, but I read the first few chapters and I couldn't do it, the description is so bland and the book is written like a 15 year old wrote it(which is the point, but still, god damn). She's just a bad writer IMO.

Also, as for Cabin in the Woods, it's basically a love letter to horror geeks. I for one, love Horror, so Cabin in the Woods was just beautiful to me.

In the past week I've seen Dredd and End of Watch, both were great. Dredd was just a badass action movie with great one-liners that I've been waiting to see in the theaters for awhile, loved it. End of Watch was great and really got me emotionally, which was a shock. Still need to see The Master and Looper!

Honestly though, Chronicle is still possibly my favorite movie of the year
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