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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Wait, I thought 14 songs was the magic number? Usually an Anthrax headline set doesn't go beyond that. They can at least keep Earth On Hell as the opener, right? I guess the extra 3 mins and 10 seconds on stage would just kill them

Nice to see that In My World has been getting played at every show so far on this leg. I thought for sure after the second or third time they played it the song would've dropped completely and buried it for another ten years.

Their shows are very intense and draining, so in a way I understand why their sets have always been a little bit shorter than we would like.
I get your point but they don't go any harder than any other bands. What it really comes down to is its inexcusable to do 65-70 minute "headlining" sets. I love Anthrax but they are shit at picking setlists.

They are very active, but not an excuse. Overkill is just as active on stage & they manage to do a longer show.
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