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Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
Shinedown is not Maiden, thats the problem. They are not gonna switch a setlist around alot every tour. They are gonna play new material and the biggest hits. Save Me is just not as big as the other hits.
Exactly. That's the downside to being a massively successful mainstream act, you're basically sucked into the mainstream ideology of having to stick to your hits at all costs. As much as hardcore fans of a band like Shinedown would go nuts if they played stuff like Trade Yourself In, Lady So Divine, etc... for the average, majority person at one of their shows, that would be the "WTF is this is this? Oh well, beer break" song. Now, there are some bands who refuse to get put into that category, but by and large, it's probably the biggest limitation of being a mainstream success, especially when you get to having 8-10 or more hits. Doesn't leave much room for anything else other than plugging your new album.

That being said, I saw Shinedown in April (girlfriend wanted to go, it was a gift to her), they played "Save Me" and "Fly From the Inside" at that show.
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