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Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
Shinedown is not Maiden, thats the problem. They are not gonna switch a setlist around alot every tour. They are gonna play new material and the biggest hits. Save Me is just not as big as the other hits.
I think there is a chance they may play it again in the future. I saw them on April 13 at the beginning of the tour and they were still doing it. It seems like they swapped it out for I'll Follow You, when they switched from doing headlining shows to playing summer festival gigs. I guess that's logical also, because there would be more "causal fans" at festivals that they want to plug the new album for, so that there is a better chance more people will buy it. Most hardcore or more devoted fans from the headlining gigs most likely have already bought Amaryllis.

I personally find is disappointing that they playing nothing off Us And Them, but I think there is a good chance when they go back to playing headlining gigs at actual venues that they will bring back a song off Us And Them. I haven't checked for upcoming tour dates after Uproar (or if there are any), so I don't know when that would be.
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