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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
When I was a young child my loving parents used to keep me awake (by engaging me in rigorous activity) until midnight or later so when I finally did go to sleep, at the same time they did, I wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night and in turn wake them up.

Suffice to say I was probably the only infant in K-Mart at 11:30pm three nights a week.

(Hint, I just proposed a solution to prevent the very problem you're facing right now: force your children to stay awake until you decide to go to bed.)

And you're probably wondering why you're reading parenting advice from a 22-year old. Carry on with the list.
Well actually, your advice was right on the money, and in fact I was basically already doing what you suggested, with one primary exception. Since they're only two months old, there's not much we can do to keep them awake and active aside from holding them and carrying them around, in which case they still tend to fall asleep. So, I had them in their swings in the living room, and when they woke up, it was time for the last feeding of the day and then off to bed.

What you suggested above is how we do things with our boys, though, in the summer time. The longer they stay up, the more we get to sleep in the morning. That shit doesn't fly when school starts, though. Keeping them awake is like signing our own death warrants in that case, because then the older one (who's in first grade) doesn't want to get up and the morning is pure hell for us. If I had kept them up past 9:00 last night, my wife would have strangled me because she's the one who would have had to deal with them this morning (I leave for work before his bus comes).

Needless to say, they were in bed at 8:50, because I fear my wife's wrath more than Satan himself. >>>
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