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Suffocation -- Los Angeles, CA -- September 29th, 2012

Source: Sepultura69
Venue: Dragonfly Bar
Band: Suffocation

Sorry on the late review, been super busy at work and haven't had time to come on the internet.

During this past weekend Suffocation played a free show at a bar in down town Los angeles. All you had to do was RSVP online and go to this art museum where they were giving out free wristbands to the show, and it was the only way you were allowed entry to the Bar. Me and two other fellow members of this site RSVPd and ended up meeting up and having a great time throughout the evening, and we even got to meet The lead singer after the show was over. Anyways, Heres the set..

Liege of Inveracity
Effigy of the Forgotten
Pierced from Within
Funeral Inception
Cataclysmic Purification
Thrones of Blood
Abomination Reborn
Infecting the Crypts

I'm either missing a song or thats exactly what they played. Great show, incredible atmosphere(by both the band and the crowd, the dragonfly bar is tiny as hell!! Since the place was so tiny there was only one small pit taking place, but my god that pit was a recreation of HELL). I met up with Smr90 and XdoomsayerX at the Art the gallery where we ended up hanging out for quite awhile as well as drinking free beer provided by the people at the art museum, just chatting it up and hanging out for the entire night . Good times good times, it was really great meeting you guys and getting to chill with y'all at the art gallery, as well as Suffocation. Oh yeah, thanks Xdoomsayerx for giving me a ride back to my car after the show was over. You saved me a good 10 minute walk(or a five minute run), ahaha.

Suffocation were brutal as hell, I didn't think the sound at the dragonfly bar was too spectacular but can't complain. I got to see a legendary band up close and personal at a very small and intimate little bar for FREE(the stage was small as well so the band members were all right next to each other). Frank was incredible, and Terrance Hobbs kicked my ass with his amazing riffz. Great show, and I'm pretty sure srm90 told me this was Show of the year for him. The pit was too violent for me to participate, but smr90 went to mosh during funeral inception, sadly i was too much of a pussy to participate in the action but glad you made it out in one peace ahaha. Once Suffocation finished we went out side to catch our breaths and talk about how incredible the band was. I was getting ready to leave but that's when Xdoomsayer and srm90 talked me into staying for Origin. They were telling me about how awesome they were and how they're from kansas(COUGH MANKZ). I wanted to dip out cause I had work early in the morning, and it was past midnight plus i had a good hour drive ahead of me(plus a ten minute walk to my car), but I decided to stick around, plus I been having a great time hanging out with these guys since I got to the art gallery so I mind as well just stay and check this band out. Origin was pretty fun, I thought the singer was hilarious and the bands sound definitely got my attention. Unfortunately i was not familiar with any of their material, but I really digged what I saw, and will check their shit out ASAP. ahahah oh yeah also during origin the place got kinda empty(which included a very embarrassing wall of death), Guess everyone mostly came for Suffocation. Speaking of which, I gotta go into something for a second, and that is The man himself: Frank Mullen..

Frank Mullen is hands down one of the coolest front mans ever. Sorry brutal descent but you seriously gotta catch suffo the next time they got frank back in town, not only is he an amazing vocalist but goddamn that guy is one funny mother fucker. Through out the set Frank just kept spitting out random jokes left and right, real stand up comedian. One of my favorite moments of the night was when Frank was talking about the Zombie Apocolypes, and how the Bath salt florida face eater wasn't on drugs, but instead he was actually a zombie, and how we must all prepare for the zombie apocalypse. His whole explanation on it was hilarious. He also said that Suffocation will now officially be doing shows for Sweet sixteens, bar mitzvahs, Weddings, Divorces, Birthdays, Proms, funerals. Fucking hilarious dude.

Also, I gotta say one other thing, kinda random..but

I'm really glad Frank made it to the show, it really made the night for me. Through out the evening I kept telling xdoomxsayerx and smr90 that Bill robinson is probably gonna be playing with the band, but damn never have I been so happy to be wrong. I seriously thought Frank was going to be a no-show. ahahahah I remember right when suffocation got on stage I here xdoomsayerx behind me say "hey it's not bill robinsinson..", and then of course the carnage commenced(with LIEGE OF INVERACITY YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!!).

Last but not least:
After origin finished their last song.. srm90 and I catch Frank hanging out with Derek in the back of the bar. We figured since they're by themselves, and not one fan is going up to them..we figured "why not", and that's when the both of us go up to frank and shake his hand(i'm pretty sure I saw srm90 give frank a mini hug ), and we proceed to tell frank how fucking awesome he is and how he's our hero. He was fucking awesome and it was great chatting with a legend. Very mellow, and super down to earth guy.

Overall it was a great show. Good times, and free beer. It was Great meeting srm90 and xdoomsayerx, I had great time kick it whith you fellows OLD SCHOOL through out the evening. Hope to meet up in the near future. PEACE


On a side not:

-I asked frank about the exodus/suffo tour, sadly it aint a tour(THEN AGAIN he could be lying to me..), but he did say he will be back with suffo next year for a tour when they promote the new album that comes out in February.

-Treghet, you were totally right about the freeways, the news exaggerate shit too much. It was actually smooth sailing. I think the news scared people away from the freeways

- Free beer provided by the art museum, yes i know i have already mention it and i will mention it again because I can.

- Suffocation opened and Origin closed...

-Frank also had some wise words to say during his random speeches, like how when we all get to his age we gotta look out for our bodies, cause apparently he fucked his arm up and needed stitches which is probably why bill filled in for him during the end of the summer.

8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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