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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
Have any of you insiders heard the new Worship album? Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.
Nope other than it should drop next year sorry.

Top Ten Re-Releases of 2012

10. High On Fire - The Art of Self Defense

Props to Southern Lord for re-releasing the long out of print classic debut from stoner metal legends High On Fire. Being his first release after the break up of Sleep. It sees Matt Pike still finding his own sound, showing more of the slow doomy-ness of Sleep rather than the barbaric thrashings of later HoF. Songs like 10,000 Years and Master of Fists are completely crushing and easily stand up as some of the best stuff Matt's ever come up with. Especially thanks to the re-mixing the album was given, adding more clarity to go with the immense low end Billy Anderson gave it.
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