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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I finished my second playthrough of Mass Effect 2 tonight. Some of the awe from the first time through was lost the second time around and for some reason I found it way easier the second time through. I even went to my options screen a few times and check the difficulty to make sure I wasn't on easy. It's still the best game I've played in the last ten years. I'm probably going back to Skyrim now since I think I figured out how to fix the bug that was crippling it for me back in March and caused me to stop playing.
I miss Skyrim I still haven't re-purchased it since it got stolen from me, probably for the best too

I beat Arkham Asylum yesterday, just going through and finding all the Riddler Challenges and stuff now, definitely getting Arkham City soon. After I beat AA I moved onto Final Fantasy 7, OMG I miss this game so much
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