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Here is my review finally:
My friends and I got to the Middle East (first time going there, great venue) about 45 minutes before doors opened. I am going to come out and say this was the most entertaining wait to get into a show that I've ever had. The first 20 minutes or so was just standard waiting around (outside of a few random shouts of woop and swag), but then these 4 guys started a street performance (banging on buckets and one guy had a fucking tambourine.) After that things got even crazier, one of the guys was wearing a Frankenstein mask and just starting running through the line with a giant box full of bags of chips telling people to take them. They finished right before the doors opened and when they were going to be in line they just got up in this random guy walking by's face and yelled "swag" at him for about a minute and a half. I could not stop laughing and I knew this show was going to be amazing.

When we finally got in the venue this random DJ dude was playing. He played for just over an hour and it sucked. It was just standard remixed rap shit from artists such as Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and Waka Flocka Flame. The crowd however was eating it up and it was hilarious to see the various clowns around me doing stupid-ass dances and going nuts over a song that wasn't even being played live. It was horrible, but at least it was entertaining.

Some actual rappers played after that. Local Boston MC Bigg D and his large entourage played a 25-minute set and I was pretty unimpressed. They were essentially an even more watered-down version of A$AP Rocky (two members of his crew were even wearing A$AP hats) without the great beats and flow that make A$AP listenable (the horrible lyrics were still in tact though). I will say they did perform well and had a shitlod of energy and did their best to get the crowd into it (Which they for the most part succeeded with).

The Based God himself finally hit the stage around 9 and played for almost two swag-filled hours. The performance was definitely based and very rare. All Based talk aside, He did put on a hell of a show. He got the crowd amped and had one hell of a stage presence (A lot of the cooking dance on display). His banter was balanced between talking about staying positive and loving life (He made the crowd chant "I love life" three different times during the show) and just flat-out hilarious shit (Such as declaring that the reason he is making his rock album because he has Tim McGraw/Garth Brooks swag, a brief speech how he respects women despite his frequent joking use of the word ho and bitch which then turned into him stating that you don't need to have sex if you don't want to, you can just listen to his music, and preached about equality and how he especially loves gay men because it leaves more girls for him.) The biggest surprise for me was how good his freestyles were. They really showed how skilled of a rapper he actually is, especially when he cut the beat out of the end "My Arms are the Brooklyn Bridge" and he just went off free-styling for about two minutes without pausing with no beat. The setlist was damn near perfect and featured pretty much every Based God song that I would want to hear in a live setting ("Obama BasedGod", "Bitch Mob Anthem", "Wonton Soup", and "Woo Woo Swag" being the highlights). The only disappointment was him cutting a few songs in the first part of the set way short ("I Own Swag", "Tiny Pants Bitch", and "Swag Jerry Rice" are three of my favorite Based songs and they where the only songs all night that were cut criminally short). Thankfully around the time he played "Bitch Mob Anthem", he started playing pretty much every song all the way through and the set became special. After finishing his set, Based God did something incredibly cool and let everyone that wanted to take a picture with him/sign things come up to the stage and he would do it. The surge was insane so I didn't get to meet him, but my friend did and got to take a picture with him and talk to him for a minute. I was also lucky to get my ticket signed by him thanks to my friend (My ticket is officially swagged out now). Based God is even more of a swag icon for doing something like that, it shows he is a class act that truly does love his fans. Lil B did not disappoint in the slightest and I will see anytime he graces Massachusetts with his Based presence.

Bigg D 4/10
Lil B Based/10

Stupid side-notes:
-There was kid wearing a chef hat there, He is officially my new hero
-The crowd was easily the most crackpot mix of people I've ever seen a show in my life. Where else are you going to see hipsters wearing cardigans next to a dude wearing a fucking Fubu sweatsuit?
-Speaking of hipsters why do hipsters wear New Orleans Hornets hats? (I saw 3 hipsters with Hornets hats on at the show and I've seen a lot around Boston and at school). Did it become ironic to like the Hornets once Chris Paul left?
-There was a shitload of ad's up for the Septic Flesh/Ex Deo/Krisiun show in October around the venue (They were even passing them out after the show), I think they may have fucked up the target audience on that one
11/28 ABR/ETID
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