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Lil B -- Cambridge,MA -- September 30th, 2012

There will be a review coming this afternoon, but I figured I post the set now. May be out of order in places

Task Force
I Own Swag
Suck My Dick Hoe
Green Card
Tiny Pants Bitch
Swag Jerry Rice
Fuck Me
Bitch Mob Anthem
Connected in Jail
Woo Woo Swag
Based Freestyle
Still Cooking
Ellen DeGeneres
Like a Martian
Wonton Soup
Please Respect the Bitch
Total Recall
Pretty Boy
Obama BasedGod
My Arms Are the Brooklyn Bridge (w/freestyle at the end)
5-6 other songs I don't recognize
12/11 ETID/TGI
12/21 TRC/DI
12/27 Four Year Strong
1/25 August Burns Red
1/31 Machine Head
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