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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
"Crack the Skye sucks" actually isn't a popular opinion at all. If you surveyed every Mastodon fan in the world on what their favorite Mastodon album is, Crack the Skye would probably get the most votes, or at least be very close with Leviathan.
Crack the Skye doesn't suck, but it almost does.

Originally Posted by slapguitarer View Post
I've never heard anybody say BM was better than CTS.
Are you kidding me?

Crack the Skye is probably their worst album (it definitely is for me), and Blood Mountain is pretty obviously their second best after Leviathan. What kinda bizarro world message board is this that you've NEVER heard ANYBODY say BM was better than CTS? It should be the prevailing opinion.
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