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Originally Posted by MetalJ View Post
I thought they did great considering the circumstances. It was funny to see them holding the lyric sheets. Marco made them restart "Wish I Had an Angel" but I couldn't really understand what he was saying the reason was. I didn't think the mass karaoke thing was that great but had potential with the size of the crowd to be pretty cool. I hope this means they add about 4-5 songs to the set the next time they play in Denver to make up for the ones they didn't play this time around.
I don't think they're gonna add anything special to the set next time they come to your area. Their usual set length has been 16 songs on this tour. So, however many songs they play each show on the next tour will more than likely be the amount of songs you'll get next time. Who knows the next time they'll hit your town again? By then they may have completely forgot what city this happened in.
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