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Morbid Angel -- Worcester, MA -- September 29th, 2012

Crazy show at the Palladium tonight! I saw Morbid Angel at Heavy MTL last year, but they only played like 8 or 9 songs and I only watched half the set, so needless to say I was super excited when they announced this headlining tour. I was excied for all the bands (except VadimVon, simply because I knew nothing about them), and the addition of Vital Remains just made it that much more awesome. Doors opened at 7, and I got to the venue around 7:35. The show was set to start at 8 according to the website, but I got there and VadimVon was finishing their second to last song. It turns out they started at 7:15 haha. From the one song I heard, they sounded okay, but nothing really stood out. This is only based on one song though, so who knows, they could be great.

Vital Remains came on next, and they killed it as always. The place was still really empty for their set, there was maybe 30-40 people on the floor, and not many else in the rest of the place. they got a wall of death and a couple short-lived pits going, but the crowd was just too small to get anything real good going. They played the standard set in their half hour, but every time I see them they are super intense. This was the biggest stage I have seen them on )both other times were at the Palladium's upstairs room) but it didn't effect their ability to put on a great show. Seeing these guys live is always fun, even though the setlist never changes.

Vital Remains setlist:
Where is Your God Now
Icons of Evil
Hammer Down the Nails
Let the Killing Begin

Grave was up next, a band I wasn't too familiar with until a few months ago, and I did a major crash course on their catalogue in preparation for the show. Their music is perfect headbanging metal with all the mid-paced and slower parts. No pits formed during their set, but EVERYONE's head was banging along to the music, and it was obvious a lot of people there wanted to see them. I don't remember the set exactly, but I think it was similar to the other shows. They played for about 35 minutes, and I know I am going to continue to get more into this band in the future, very solid performance by them.

Grave setlist (from

Amongst Marble and the Dead
Disembodied Steps
Morbid Way to Die
You'll Never See
Passion of the Weak
Into the Grave

When Dark Funeral came out, I couldn't help but find some humor in their stage attire. I understand the whole black metal corpse paint thing, but it just always been kind of gimmicky to me when bands dress up and put on face paint. I'm still a Dark Funeral fan though, and I really enjoyed their performance. They may not be the most innovative black metal band out there, but they are definitely good at what they do and they sounded great live. I was excited to see them, and they definitely didn't disappoint. By this point there was a pretty good-sized crowd, and they got a gret response. Their 40 minute or so set flew by, and I would not mind seeing them again next time they come around. I'm also not too sure on the set, but I would assume it was similar to other shows.

Dark Funeral setlist (from

The Arrival of Satan's Empire
The End of Human Race
666 Voices Inside
Goddess of Sodomy
The Secrets of the Black Arts
My Dark Desires
Hail Murder
My Funeral

Morbid Angel are one of the true legendary death metal bands, and are still one of my favorites despite some of the questionable material they have put out. The old songs are just as intense live as they are on the albums, and getting to hear them live was a great experience for me. The rest of the crowd was obviously just as pumped as i was, as there was a pretty good pit going the entire set and everone was headbanging and moving around. I spent the set jumping back and forth between moshing and headbanging like crazy up at the front. Even though I can't take David Vincent seriously at all, I still thought he and the rest of the band put on a great performance, everything sounded awesome. The setlist was decent, no comlaints at all from me. Obviously there are songs I would love to hear that they aren't gonna play, but that's just the way things work with a band that has been around for so long. They played for a little over an hour, which was plenty for me.

Morbid Angel setlist:
Immortal Rites
Fall From Grace
Maze of Torment
Sworn To The Black
Existo Vulgore
Angel Of Disease
Lord Of All Fevers And Plagues
Chapel OF Ghouls
Where The Slime Live
Bil Ur-Sag
God Of Emptiness
World Of Shit

Overall, great show, every band killed it. I don't really like to rank shows, but I would say this was definitely one of the better shows I have been to this year. After the show, I bought a Vital Remains shirt from Tony Lazaro after the show. I probably would have bought a Morbid Angel shirt, but they were out of most sizes for most shirts, so the only one they had in my size was the Ilud one, so yeah... But I had a great time tonight and i would defintely recommend anyone who has the chance to see this tour goes!
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