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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
post more, faget
Jd, pls

8. Crack the Skye - Mastodon

I feel like this album gets a lot of hate, probably because it doesn't live up to Leviathan and Blood Mountain. While now I agree it isn't as epic as either as those, when I first heard this album, I was in complete love. Not only was it my introduction to more progressive music, but it added emotions of music I haven't felt before, I was in 8th grade when this album came out, most of my music was anger filled music, which I didn't hate, but to be introduced into the same heaviness of metal with an emotion that wasn't anger really changed my perspectives on music. The album to me, really hit me on emotional levels through the music. It was shocking for me, since I wasn't ever that touched on emotional level through music. I feel like I'm repeating myself at this point Regardless the whole album is fucking awesome regardless, sure it isn't the Mastodon most people wanted, but I think all these track are epic as fuck. Plus this album opened me up to more progressive metal. I even considered getting the ghosts on the cover tattooed on me, but as time progressed, the album hasnt been the same to me, I prefer their older stuff. It's still awesome as fuck though

Crack the Skye
The Czar
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