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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
You would be the worst psychology student EVER, because your denial knows no bounds. Clearly it was sarcasm / passive aggression / butthurt, call it what you will. Grow up.
Not really faking anything. An emoticon with what I said would have ruined the joke, and it seems like no one got it anyways, so it was all in vain. Take it as you want. If you wanna look at me posting as Sarcastic, denial ridden, butthurt comebacks, feel free. To me it was topical dry humor.

But anyways in actual important stuff....

I think RIITIIR Top 20 Material. Roots Of The Mountain may be one of the greatest songs Enslaved has ever written. When Enslaved comes back to the states (I would hope sometime next year) this will go over very well live.
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