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High On Fire -- Sydney, Australia -- September 29th, 2012

Tough choices in Sydney last night - 3 shows on Saturday that all clashed, including Ulcerate (who I'd have loved to have seen too!)

The venue was Manning Bar, which sits in the middle of the University of Sydney grounds, and accommodates around 900 people. I bought my ticket on the day and it said number ~350, so I don't think it had come close to selling out.

The opening band was Summonus, a local support. Sludgey Sabbath / HoF riffs, good, but not great.

Shortly after they finished Matt Pike emerged (shirtless as per usual) and did his own gear check, which is always cool to see.

HoF came on at 10:10 and finished at just after 11:30. The set was solid, new songs sounded pretty damn good live, and they put on a very tight show. I'd have probably expected a little longer for a band with such a great back catalogue, and would have loved a couple more from DITC or even some from the new one, especially Bloody Knuckle or Romulus and Remus. That being said, I can't really complain, the show was great!

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