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Okay, here's my interview with Sami from Kreator. Dude was so nice to me and my friend despite us both being so young, and had a really humble yet informative response for all of my questions. Mille Petrozza does literally every Kreator interview, so I prepared two pages of really good questions to ask him. We get to the tour bus and the tour manager tells me that I'm interviewing Sami. Kreator are my favorite thrash band ever (and Sami is my favorite thrash guitarist), so it was easy for me to come up with the questions (everything I said was completely improvised, not a word was prepared in advance), but I was still freaking out all the way up until the interview. Afterwards my friend couldn't open the door out of the bus, so Ventor helped us. I geeked out and introduced myself to him, said his drumming was awesome then scurried out. I don't normally get all fanboy-ish, but meeting a musician that's genuinely inspired me always makes me like that haha. Anyway, enjoy! It's a video interview so now you all get to see my ugly mug in addition to hearing my weird fucking voice. As always, criticism is welcome and appreciated.
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