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I went to the first show of the tour last night in Phoenix. I don't know Manson's material so I didn't keep track of any songs to make an actual review thread. Would've liked to see All That Remains but they went on hella early and honestly this festival lineup was garbage so I went late!

A couple of thoughts:

-Cory Taylor did acoustic guitar on the main stage and ended his set 10-20 minutes EARLY. It was funny to see him singing love songs with all of Manson's crosses and dark props behind him.

-I had VIP with free catering but apparently this wasn't ballin' enough to attend Sid's DJ set. He was not on any of the stages or between bands. It was an 'after party' after Rob Zombie's set where they had a special VIP-type area set up outside next to the normal VIP. I could hear him pounding dance music untz untz untz but I didn't have a pink 'Rockstar' wristband to go see if it was worth checking out. He did not start playing until near the end, or after the concert. I was over there between Manson and Zombie and there was no music yet.

- Why the fuck is Buckcherry on this lineup? Or is that just some shows?

Marilyn Manson

I'm not a Manson fan and don't know his music so I don't know if these comments are typical for his set or not. I give him a lot of respect and wanted to see him live. Some observations:

- Manson opens with the Suspiria theme. Seriously, a classic horror theme youtube it!

- Tons of Background vocals. He wasn't lip-syncing but I was surprised at how many songs had them.

- He had a lot of energy at the beginning but burnt out and lost the crowd toward the end. I will be surprised if he makes it through the whole tour based on his performance.

- He kept throwing shit and talking to the drummer between songs when he would go change wardrobe. I don't know if he was pissed or being a cool rock star.

- Vocals were super low compared to all other acts. His speech between songs was unintelligible!

- During Dope Show the s in "DRUGS" on his huge stage lights went out and stayed out lol

- He drop kicked a water bottle hella far but surpassed that by throwing a water bottle 100s of feet almost to the lawn area! Quarterback Manson I couldn't believe how far that thing went hahaha best part of the night!

Overall, I dug his set and hope he either shortens it or builds up some more energy before he drops out like J DEVIL lol

Rob Zombie

- Entertaining as always. Played all the normal songs with a lot of the same videos as last time I saw him a few years ago. So if you went to Mayhem 2010 it's pretty much the same.

- John 5's guitar solo is still incredible as Zombie wanders the audience.

- Lords of Salem trailer is shown toward the end. Looks sick and twisted, much better than the Halloween remakes!

- Rob's voice kept getting hoarse and would make me nervous every couple verses as he himself could tell he needed more than water! Hope him and Manson can make it! Rob had tons of energy and put on a great show and a lotttttt better vocal performance than his last few tours I have seen him.
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