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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
It's sad that Beth Phoenix is probably leaving. She's the last of the womens wrestlers who could make me care about anything she was involved in. I guess that Natalya girl is pretty good but I've never watched Superstars or NXT so I've never seen her do anything except that one "fart" gimmick last year.
Natalya was doing OK in the WWE before she became a superstars/NXT only diva. She was diva's champ a couple years ago. So she has done something before, even if people don't remember it. I don't blame Beth for leaving at all, since she lost the divas title earlier this year they haven't done shit with her. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for a lot of these performers who bust their ass for so long to finally make it the WWE and when they do, the "creative" team can't come up with anything for them consistanly. It must be hearbreaking for them to show up to the shows regularly only to find out they won't get used again that night. Especially, for somebody like Zakk Ryder who busted his ass to get noticed on his own without the help of the WWE machine, only for the WWE brass to resent him for it and job him out all the time instead of captilizing on it more.

Kelly Kelly also asked for her release and was granted it yesterday. She was nice to look at but overall she isn't a big loss. I guess Kaitlyn will now fill the role of the "blonde diva who sucks in the ring but will get put on TV because she's hot."

I know WWE divas division hasn't been good for awhile but i'm really tired of people not giving Eve and Layla some respect for their work. They're both pretty solid in the ring and if they want to make the division better those two are good enough performers to build it around them.
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