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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
ahahahhaha, cmon dude. Don't compare Dom Kennedy to a legend like the GZA of Wu Tang Clan. And yeah it does blow donkey dick, especially since this is as close as GZA will ever have to playing near me. Every other time has usually been a 40-60 minute drive. The show tonight at the observatory is only about 10 minutes away from my pad. The worst part is that we were there and parked and we could have still made it but meh, it's our own faults, no one else to blame so what ever..


Suffocation in 22 more hours

Scott PMed me his cell number, but I just remembered that my cell phone battery is chipped meaning it is kind of fucked right now for the time being. But I'll find you guys.
I wasnt comparing them just kinda put out there. haha Ive never really heard GZA but I've heard me some Wu Tang Clan.

Yeah we gotta meet prior to Suffocation/Origin cuz I dont know how we"re gonna kill time that gig doesnt start til 10pm.
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