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Spent all night on band related matters. Back on the 16th, my band got an incredible gig offer for a show in about 4-5 months from now. 3/4ths of my band was all for it, but my guitarist wanted no part in it because he didn't think we would be ready by then to do this show. He thought this way so much that he quit a week later. Since then my bassist, singer, and I have been trying to figure out what to do. Tonight we got together and decided to carry on in the musical style we had been for the last few months and also make the band a 5 piece. My bassist is switching to guitar, we are adding another guitarist who is a friend of ours, and we will be auditioning for a bassist starting tomorrow. We already have 4 bassists interested, which is pretty cool considering bassists and drummers are usually the hardest musicians to find.

For anyone interested I will make a thread about it in the musician's section once we get everything finalized. And the show I eluded to in this post will have some of you guys very, very interested.
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