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Alright, I'm going to start off with numbers 60-51. Here we go.

60. Om - Pilgrimage

The rhythm section of sleep is back with hypnotic bass/drum/mediation chant stoner/doom. This album flows very nicely and is heavy when it needs to be and soft where it counts. Conference of the Birds is another favorite of mine, and their new release Advaitic Songs is fantastic as well.

59. Reverend Bizarre - Harbinger of Metal
Traditional Doom

Ok, this is technically an EP, but it clocks in at 1.2 hours, so fuck that noise. Three new Reverend songs are introduced here, all clocking in at over 13 minutes, and all three are classic, slow, heavy, brooding, emotional Reverend Bizarre, while at times they get groovy as hell. The cover of Burzum's "Dunkelheit" is another highlight, I really like what they did with the song.

58. YOB - Atma

Another fantastic offering from YOB. "Prepare the Ground" is the band in its heaviest, most epic form, while "Adrift in the Ocean" contains some of the most epic, emotional, jaw-dropping music the band has ever composed.

57. Cathedral - The Ethereal Mirror
Traditional Doom

I can't really take Cathedral seriously most of the time, mostly because of Lee Dorian. It's just not my thing for the most part. However, I thoroughly enjoy this album and its predecessor, Forest of Equilibrium. This album is some damn good doom. It's groovy, doomy, fun, and heavy.

56. Grief - Come to Grief

I wish I was more familiar with this band than I am. This is a great album, but I feel that they have better ones out there. Grief plays slow, heavy, hateful jams, and they do it well.

55. Acid Witch - Stoned
Death/Doom/Heavy Metal

Acid Witch's Stoned is a heavy metal take on death/doom. These guys are fun as hell, and heavy as shit. The keyboards on this album intertwining with the heavy, party-esque riffage creates a great atmosphere full of satanic, doomy, debauchery. Fun fact of the day: I actually bought this album because I had been tripping on LSD all day, so of course when I went to the record store, I bought the album with "acid" in the bands title.

54. Weedeater - Sixteen Tons
Sludge Metal

All Weedeater is good Weedeater. This album is probably their slowest, doomiest offering, although at times it still holds the fun, southern feel that ...And Justice For Ya'll had throughout. Songs like "Lines", "Buzz", and "Time Served" are good examples of what Weedeater is all about.

53. Buzzov*en - At a Loss
Sludge Metal

This is another band that I wish I was more familiar with. Dixie Dave from Weedeater actually plays bass and does vocals on this album. This is some pretty seroius southern sludge metal. Fast when it needs to be, heavy when it needs to be. This is the kind of album that you blast when you've drank a bottle of whiskey and have to drive home.

52. YOB - The Illusion of Motion

Yob's third album. Heavy as heavy can be. BALL OF MOLTEN LEAD GODDAMNIT.

51. Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt

Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson's first band. Female vocals of the ugliest proportion over thick layers of pumelling guitars. What more do you want?
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