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Alright, I know I let all of you guys down, and I'm sorry. When I made my original list I was taking my time at first, and I progressively stopped visiting this site more and more. Nowadays I'm more of a lurker here, just to keep up with new releases and the occaisonal setlist, but I figured I owe you guys, so I made a new list. This list is obviously different than my original, and instead of 25 albums, I'm doing 60. I know all of you are doubting me right now, but I promise I will get this one done in good time.

I'm going to keep the reviews short and sweet. I will have repeating bands on this one. These are just my personal favorites, I'm not claiming anything is better than anything else, this is just how they rank in my eyes. If I'm missing anything, it's because I don't download albums very often. I own most of these.

With all of this being said, I think this is necessary:

I've lost track of just about everything.
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