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I knew it, I fucking knew it! From the minute I read some interview last year that said ME1 would always be exclusive to XBox 360 i knew it would come to Playstation. There had to be some sort of licensing contract or something that kept them from releasing it on PS for so long and they've resolved or payed-off whoever it was with. There's just to much money to be made. It's stupid to leave it on one format when you can make twice as much money by releasing it on two (or three, because you can guarantee it will come out on whatever Nintendo's new system is).

I can't say if I'll ever play it. First off, I already know what happens. Second, from what I've heard gameplay-wise it wasn't as user-friendly as ME2 and ME3. Third, I just finished my second playthrough of ME2 and would probably want to continue that characters story in ME3 before I start a whole new quest. And last, I've been playing Mass Effect pretty solid since mid-May, I think I may be getting sick of it and want to move on for awhile.

Who the fuck am I kidding, I'll play it. I'll probably download it though. I can't pay $70 for two games I already own.
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