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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
[lengthy diatribe filled with butthurt, misdirection and sarcasm]
Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I just think its funny that it actually matters.
It's not about Muse. It's not about you not liking something that I like, or vice versa. It's certainly not about your fucking job (the statement I made was merely a response to your lame excuse of being too busy to have listened to the whole album).

This whole shitstorm is about one thing, and one thing only - you railed on an album, and then on the band who made the album, based on listening to a fraction of the album's content. That is lame. You should have just kept your thoughts to yourself if you didn't have all the information. That's what intelligent / mature people do.

Furthermore, it's fairly easy to tell why you gave up on this album so quickly...and that's the preconceived bias you have towards dubstep (or whatever you choose to label with that term, which clearly extends beyond what dubstep actually is). The proof of this is that you claimed that the album was filled with dubstep, when in fact it is only present to a significant degree in one song.

So like I said, you slammed something without having all the info. That's lame. If you're gonna criticize something - no matter what it is - I suggest you have some facts to back that shit up or else you're just gonna keep having limited credibility and getting flamed by people who can see through your bullshit.

Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
Do both of you realize that you are fighting because one of you did not give the new Muse album a fair chance?
As explained above, this is not about Muse - or even musical taste in general. It's about MPF talking shit about something without having all the facts and while having a clear bias against it to begin with, so instead he should have just helped himself to a nice hot cup of shut the fuck up and went about his business. You might want to take some notes.
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