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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
I know you're joking but I seriously don't get why people always say this. How can you listen to Hell Awaits, Reign in Blood, South of Heaven, and God Hates Us All and honestly say it's all the same exact sound?
I'm likely to get a lot of shit for this rant/opinion, but fuck it:

I remember when I was young and stupid (the heaviest stuff I had listened to was like, Korn or early Marilyn Manson at the time) and when I first heard Mandatory Suicide, it scared the shit out of me. Then the shock wore off and it was "pretty cool", so I checked them out some more, but I wasn't 100% impressed with Christ Illusion the same way I was with Hell Awaits, and here's why:

Compared to the speed of Show No Mercy, the aggression of Hell Awaits, and the slower tempos of South of Heaven, I just think that World Painted Blood and Christ Illusion just fall behind slightly. They're great, but not...great. I like those albums, don't get me wrong, but if all of Slayer's output was comparable to a track meet in high school, the 80's and early 90's material would be the elite, cream of the crop, the shit a lot of people love to talk about. Their later output would be the runoff of that, great, but not "100% Badass Hardcore Radikult"...and Diabolus in Musica would be the sorta chubby kid that only got to run because the others felt bad for him.

TL;DR: I think most of the hate comes from the opinion that Slayer hasn't changed their sound much since the mid-90's compared to their 80's output.
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