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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
the point

your head

You're much closer to being a kid than you are to being my age.

You said in your own words that you gave the Muse album about twenty minues of your time, and then gave up on it, and them, entirely. If that isn't some pretty compelling evidence of a situation where you had very little patience, objectivity or proper perspective on things, then I don't know what is.

(Note the proper use of "than" and "then" above.)
Yeah I did. If a failing band, in my eyes, over several albums can't capture my interest half way into an album, Its so very, very rare that they will win me back with the second half. So there was no point in hearing the rest of the album at the time when half an album had caught zero interest.

Still trying to figure out how the age thing has anything to do with how I feel about an album. I am bombarded with music from promos and bands and my own discoveries, especially in the last 7 months. at 38GBs of 2012 currently and the year is far from done. Not spouting about that, if anything its a burden. While its a good burden to have, overwhelmingly it takes up a lot of my time to really dig into an album. At this point, if half an album has literally nothing I like about it, at all, there's no point in trying out the rest. Not when there is more music I gotta check out for what I do.

And if you really wanna get into my using "Than/Then", learn how to spell "minutes".

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Nat just owned MPF's bitch ass #wiseoldman
Do you really wanna go there?
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