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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
New Muse has leaked!!!
Originally Posted by MPF View Post
And it blows!

Electronica, Dubstep and Alternative Rock. It can be a good mix, but Muse fucked it up. 3 albums in a row they have disappointed me. I have officially given up on them.
Muse has always had some degree of electronica in their music, so nothing has changed here except maybe for the relative amount of it in the mix - and no, don't even think about saying, "yeah, it's ALL electronic this time!", because it's clearly not. The supermassive distaste for dubstep on this forum just makes me laugh. They do it on exactly ONE fucking track. One. And to tell you the truth, it's not overdone and it actually sounds kinda cool to me. Some of you people on here and your sensitive gag reflexes just make me chuckle. All electronic-sounding stuff is not dubstep. Get it through your heads.

EDIT: Also, are you saying that "Black Holes" was a disappointment?!?

Originally Posted by christopher View Post
It does blow. Have you listened to it?? It's nothing but slow songs.
There is some truth here. The songs are a bit more tame this time around, and there are really no clear bangers like "Stockholm", "Hysteria", "Supermassive" or "Knights" on the new album. However, I think to say "it blows" is exaggerating quite a bit.

Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I got the promo in my email late last night. I got 6 songs in before I had to click stop, then click delete. I just couldn't do it. I don't get what happened. they were phenomenal until Absolution *their highest peak*, then they just decided to go mainstream and the quality of songs just suck.
Congratulations on being objective and / or patient. Kids these days. It's all about instant gratification or fuck it and move on to the next sensory stimulus.

Originally Posted by christopher View Post
I seriously thought they could not write a bad album until I listened to the new album...
Another overstatement in my opinion.

Originally Posted by MPF View Post
It's a sad state for sure. How they thought doing Dubstep was going to make them a better band is beyond me. but I know at this point there is no going back. They are just going to continue to suck. Its not fair.
One song. One fucking song. Cool your jets, son.

Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I just heard the song Unsustainable and it sounded pretty cool, but it didn't sound like Muse. I'd like to hear how part two of the song is. The other songs I heard (Survival and Madness) were pretty boring.
Part two of the song has no dubstep in it, and it sounds rather like typical Muse fare. I do agree that the overall feel is that there is less to get excited about on this album, but there are definitely some classic Muse sounds here, and it's actually less of a departure from their typical style than "The Resistance" was. In a way, it's a return to form, with some experimentation in a few new directions. It's interesting, but not great.
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