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Kix -- Baltimore, MD -- September 22nd, 2012

full review: http://heavymetalcowboysteve.blogspo...e-9222012.html

Saw KIX in Baltimore at Ram's Head Live (AGAIN). There were a ton of people at this show, both balconies opened. The alcohol was flowing, and people were generally cheerful.

Steve Whiteman's daughter Carly opened with a solo acoustic set of covers (including KIX, Heart, and Janis Joplin). She def got the chops from her dad, but I thought she woulda been way better with a band and plugged in.

Mark Ruocco also opened, sounded like a kinda generic, watered down hair band version of Daughtry. Not bad, but not great. Enjoyable, but not something I'd go out and purchase. I mean if you like hair bands.

I picked up their new live CD/DVD before it was 'officially' released this past week and a shirt.

They sounded great like always, and pulled out a couple deep cuts ('Red Hot', 'Laying Rubber'). They also to my surprise did NOT close with 'Yeah Yeah Yeah.' I've seen 'em about 12 times in about 12 years, and this is the first time I've seen them NOT close with that song. I felt so confused.
Steve sounded strong and the boys were solid. A great show with no getting caught in a mosh

Kix (11:20 - 1:00)
  • Kix Are for Kids
  • Girl Money
  • Red Hot (Black and Blue)
  • Poison
  • Sex
  • Lie Like a Rug
  • Cold Shower
  • Layin' Rubber
  • The Itch
  • Don't Close Your Eyes
  • She Dropped Me The Bomb
  • Midnite Dynamite
  • No Ring Around Rosie
  • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  • Guitar Solo
  • Cold Blood
  • Blow My Fuse
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