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Originally Posted by ShatteredFlame View Post
Yeah I definitely see what you mean by them trying to be like Odd Future. His crew was stage diving everywhere but I thought it was pretty cool mainly because I saw Odd Future a few weeks ago in CT and they were highly disappointing compared to when I saw them in NY, besides the crowd sucking none of them even bothered stage diving or giving it their usual and their set was severely cut from other dates of the tour. I know Tyler was sick but the rest of them did not even try to make up for it. With A$AP Rocky I felt like the crowd was way more active and the fact that the A$AP Mob at least tried to put on an energetic performance made it the rare case where I preferred them to Odd Future.
I would never have expected that at these rap shows now that people would be in the pit and stagediving. I need to check these shows out.
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