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Originally Posted by w00tasaurus View Post
So the new Revocation EP is out. I think it's better than anything on their most recent album, and is among their best material. What do you guys think?
The first song is pretty good, but it don't care for those backing vocals starting at 2:35. The next song was just alright, nothing particularly interesting until the solo. "Maniacally Unleashed" is one of the strongest tracks. It's awesome all the way through. Then comes the title track, which is heavy, but feels somewhat repetitive and has a slight Job for a Cowboy feel to it. As it has already been said, it's basically generic modern death metal, but I think the solo saves it from being too mediocre. After that "Bound by Desire" brings everything back to life. The solos in this song are incredible and definitely the highlight of the EP. It might be one of my favorite Revocation songs. Overall Teratogenesis is very enjoyable, but I still think that Existence is Futile stands as Revocation's strongest work.
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