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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Wait, what? It occurs to me that judging an action movie - in particular, a martial arts film - by its lack of plot or character development is somewhat like judging a porno by its lack of plot or character development. Just sayin'.

In other words, I think maybe some folks are missing the point. The classic kung fu movies of the 1970's had horrendous plots, no character development, and the dialog was barely understandable (plus, even when you could understand it, it didn't even make fucking sense half the time), and they were still awesome. Why? Because the fighting, although highly choreographed, was impressive as hell while still being fairly realistic because the actors were actually doing it - they weren't suspended from wires.

At any rate, on topic: I saw "God Bless America" last night. I thought it was...interesting. Best movie ever? Fuck no. Best movie of the year? Hardly. Most novel concept for a movie ever? Not really. This type of "what would happen if we started killing all the assholes of the world?" thing has been done before in slightly different ways. The point here is, it was done by a middle-aged sad sack who thought he had nothing left to lose and a troubled teen girl who was smart way beyond her years. The social commentary was pretty interesting, anyway. Many of the things they made fun of in this movie are things that get under my skin as well, so I felt I could relate. Not bad for an innocent little socio-political comic satire disguised as a mindless violence-fest.
Normally I agree 110%. I take every movie for what it is and never try to over-analyze anything (especially action movies). Ninja Assassin is one of the rare exceptions to the rule. There are movies like The Protector, which has a horrible plot, but the action is frequent and awesome, so the poor story doesn't matter at all. On the other hand, Ninja Assassin's plot took up way more time than it should of and a vast majority of the action (which is pretty good, but not great mind you) takes place in the first scene and at the very end.
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