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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
I couldn't get into to them either for years but I gave Diamond Eyes a good listen and its now one of my all time favorite albums along with White Pony, Self Titled & Saturday Night Wrist. If you are willing to give Deftones a chance I say start with these songs as they play most of these live:

Diamond Eyes
You've Seen The Butcher
Beauty School
Rocket Skates
Hole In The Earth
Cherry Waves
Needles & Pins
Back To School
Digital Bath
House Of Flies
Be Quiet & Drive
My Own Summer

I like newer Deftones better than old Deftones. After I liked Diamond Eyes, I went back through their albums & found alot more stuff I liked.
What I love about Deftones is that their calmer songs are just as great as the heavier songs. White Pony is personally my favorite, maybe just because it's the first one I got into. But I am a huge fan of Around the Fur and Diamond Eyes as well. I really want to see them headline in a club, but if I go to this next year (not likely, but we'll see) I would be pumped if they were on it.
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