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Good thing I refreshed the page in a new tab before submitting my thread.

My review: (+ Stolen Babies and Paradise Lost sets)

I never listened to Stolen Babies prior to this show so I had no idea what to expect. I knew right off the bat that this was gonna be one of those "wtf" openers. Their singer (who I must say is pretty cute) plays an accordion and they also have an extra percussionist who rattles chains and hits a metal barrel. I'm not 100% on what genre you would consider this band, I guess you could say they're Tim Burton metal. I actually found their set to be pretty enjoyable. I'll check them out on record sometime soon. I'm assuming their set is the same as the others posted.

Stolen Babies:

Mind Your Eyes
Second Sleep
Never Come Back
Civil Disguise
Push Button

I wasn't too familiar with Paradise Lost either. I've heard a few of their songs before but I don't know any by name. They played a pretty solid set. The only gripe I had with them was that the singer would tell people to clap along at the beginning of every single song it the set. It got a little annoying after a while. Once again assuming the set is the same.

Paradise Lost:

The Enemy
Tragic Idol
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
In This We Dwell
Say Just Words

During DTP's set up they had some funny shit playing on the backdrop. There was a montage of photoshopped Devy pictures which was great and they had some really old viral videos (i'm talking pre-youtube shit). What I did get a kick out of was when they added Ziltoid into the videos. While most people seemed to enjoy it there was quite a few complainers who just wanted Devy to come out and start playing. It's a really stupid thing to complain about because if there wasn't any videos you would just be standing around waiting for them to finish setting up. It's not like it's cutting into potential set time. But enough about the intro. Devy hit the stage around 9 pm and proceeded to rock my socks for the next 70 minutes. The set was very similar to the last couple that were posted. The only surprise (though I think it's not the first time he played it this tour) was Colonial Boy. The new songs all sounded great live, especially Grace which is much heavier live than it is on record. Other highlights were War and Planet of the Apes (with a special appearance from Tommy Rodgers ).

I would have liked to stay for Katatonia but I have class early tomorrow morning.

Stolen Babies 7.5/10
Paradise Lost 7/10
Devy 9/10
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