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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Could be wrong so don't quote me.

But isn't Stained Glass Cross one of the only songs Down hasn't done live ever? I thought I read an interview w/ Phil or someone from Down talking about the songs from albums they've never done and I think that was one that hasn't ever been played. Might be wrong though.

But I love Stained Glass Cross. I find it odd that they haven't ever done it live. Sadly, w/ so many new EP's coming, if it hasn't been played on previous tours the chances of it ever being played are probably slim.
"stained glass cross" was played at some shows on the final leg of the "down II" tour in fall of 2002. they played it when i saw them at metropol in pittsburgh that year, phil said they'd been asked a lot why they didn't play it so they threw it in that tour.

could have something to do with the organ as to why its not played often
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