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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Lawler didn't even come up with that. Shocking I know, that the boring and bland commentator who's never had anything useful to say got his signature quote from somebody else.

The Road Dogg was the one who came up "puppies". I can't remember if it was Sable or Debra but Road Dogg was cutting a promo in the ring while one of the divas was in the ring with him and he told her something like "to take off that top so we can see your puppies". Then King decided to steal it because he's not original enough to come up with his own signature line. Well, that's enough trashing of the greatest minor league wrestler of all time.

Wow, I never knew that.
He's like "yo give me yo insurance information!" and I'm like "I didn't hit you with no car, I hit you with this mack truck I call a fist!"
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