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Originally Posted by coltongsmith View Post
It sure is. I posted all sets and grave is missing at least two maybe three songs
When we walked in Grave was in the middle of "You'll Never See.." I asked a couple how long they'd been playing, and the answer was "15 or 20 minutes," so I guess we had missed 4 or 5 songs. The next song was "Hating Life," so that's where this setlist picks up.

Morbid Angel's performance was spot on, but I think the set sort of fell off a cliff after "Chapel of Ghouls," although "Dawn of the Angry" was unexpected and kind of cool. I held out hope for "Visions from the Darkside" or something from the second half of Blessed, but obviously that never happened. I hadn't seen them since 1993.
2/11 - At the Gates
2/21 - Voivod/Vektor
3/1 - Doro
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