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Two notes on this set: 1) Trey had an extended solo in the middle of 'Chapel of Ghouls' - and I do mean solo; the rest of the band stopped playing, and 2) 'God of Emptiness' segued directly into 'World of Shit (Promised Land)', with 'God of Emptiness' being (mercifully) incomplete.

On the whole, Morbid Angel killed it. I didn't have my hopes too high, and they blew me away. I couldn't believe they played 'Angel of Disease'. My friend and I lost our shit for that. I thought the setlist was just about perfect. I'm not the biggest fan of 'Blessed Are the Sick', but still, maybe one more song from that would have been good. 'Summoning Redemption' would also have been killer to hear. These are not complaints though. If this tour comes near you, fucking SEE IT!

Dark Funeral was competent but generic. Nothing else to say.

Grave was awesome. Just great death metal and an energetic performance.

Again I must say: SEE THIS SHOW!
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