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Goatwhore - All good guys from what I can remember, didn't mind me sitting onstage (had a torn calf - technically shouldn't have gone, but fuck you, it's Goatwhore). Louis in particular was really cool.

Kimberly Freeman (One Eyed Doll) - Really sweet, cares a lot about her fans and takes time with all of them. She even complimented my Opeth shirt (her band was opening for Otep - I was going with a friend and wore the shirt to play off the Otep/Opeth confusion).
4/24 - Godflesh?
4/28 - AiC
5/2 - Combichrist
5/3 - TDEP?
5/5 - Master?
5/12 - Nile
5/24 - Down OR Dax Riggs
7/15 - Motley Crue?
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