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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Well fuck me - I couldn't make it after all. I'm much too tired and frustrated to explain now, and lest I go into a rant or a long boring story nobody cares about, let's just say that a couple of equipment malfunctions occurred and before I knew it, my plans were shot to hell. I'm very disappointed, as I've had the good fortune to have met several members of this forum, but I guess it wasn't meant to be tonight.

I hope you guys are having a blast right now, though.

For the record, since we're not gonna meet up after all (at least not this time), I was never planning to beat your ass. I might have tried to give you a noogie though.
No shit you weren't going to beat my ass, I'm pretty sure beating someone up that's half your age that's not your kid is frowned upon In all seriousness though, It really sucks you couldn't make it. I would've really liked to meet you and since I'm probably never going to be in the Cleveland/Pittsburgh area, I unfortunately probably never will. The show was badass though and me and energymetal did indeed have a blast
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