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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
Yeah, do you have a Cormorant set?
Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
Did you catch Cormorant?
Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
I got the best of luck because I got to the bar at 11:12pm and YOB literally just get on the stage to set up their equipment.
Or I guess you could say i got the worst...

Nah, sorry guys. I should have gotten to the show by 10pm but once i got on the 101 N, it was pretty much rape-ville U.S.A.

And by that i mean i got raped in the ass by the horrific hour of stop and goes on the freeway. Everything was smooth sailing up until I got on the 101 North. Once I hopped on the 101 N I was only two exists away and the bar is right off the exit. What should have been a measly two minute drive turned into an extra 50 minutes of fucking bullshit. And to top it off they blocked off the exit I needed to get off on so I had to drive a couple of more miles before I got to an exit..Only to re-direct my self back to the original location that i needed to be in. And finding the bar was a bit of mission as well for me..

Realisticly I would have been in the bar around 10 and caught cormorant, but I didn't find parking until 11pm, and I got inside the venue around 11:12pm, and by that time YOB was on stage setting up their gear. It said on the paper by the wall that Cormorant played from about 10:20 until 11 I believe

Sorry illumanti, and idrinkwine... Forgive the brother
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