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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post

Dude answered pretty much all those questions and more in the interview I did with him.

Yes it's a shameless plug. I regret nothing!
So we can expect a new album in fall 2013. Thanks for the link, shameless plug or not. Wasn't it Vladimir Putin who said anyone with a heart should regret the passing of the Soviet Union? So you either have no heart according to Putin, or you're only talking about yourself.

Which is what most people mean when they say things like "I regret nothing." They're only talking about what would be personal regrets, not considering the statement can be all-inclusive, because regret by definition doesn't have to be a personal thing.

Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
Every now and then they do little jams on stage. Sometimes they last half a minute sometimes they last 10. I saw them do some cool jams the first time I saw them.

Junta is probably the best song they offer live. Really awesome stuff in that setting.
I think of the three songs, Junta was my favorite. Maybe because I wasn't expecting it or maybe because it was just performed better. It was impressive because they didn't seem scattered at all. If it was an improvisation, they all knew exactly when to start into the actual song; the timing was perfect.
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