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Originally Posted by Steev View Post
well you basically implicated it's bad because of your opinion, and several people would disagree
Right, and the fact that other people disagree with me is not going to change my opinion.

Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
Everyone has opinions but I'll be damned if I ever waste my time or thoughts posting in specific threads about a certain tour/musician which I do not like. Just sayin'...

Mayhem Fest draws several different types of metal bands, of course there will be bands some don't like similar to most other festivals unless its one of those repetitive genre type of line ups.
So should we never say if we dislike something? If you never voice your opinion, what's the point of having one? This is a discussion board, and part of the discussion is posting your opinions, both positive and negative. I've posted more than once that I thought this year's lineup was better than previous ones. I actually think it was the best one so far. But that doesn't mean I won't point out that this tour is overrated and that nearly all of the bands on it do other US tours on a regular basis.
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