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Rush -- Columbus, OH -- September 20th, 2012

Venue: Nationwide Arena
Source: Me

Set One:

The Big Money
Force Ten
Grand Designs
The Body Electric
The Analog Kid
Where's My Thing (with drum solo)
Far Cry

Set Two:

Clockwork Angels
The Anarchist
The Wreckers
Headlong Flight (with drum solo)
Halo Effect
Seven Cities of Gold
The Garden
Manhattan Project
Red Sector A (with drum solo before)
The Spirit of Radio


Tom Sawyer
2112: Overture
2112: Temples of Syrinx
2112: Grand Finale

What a great show, as always with Rush. I decided to go to this show 1) because the Cleveland show is over a month away and I couldn't wait and 2) because Cleveland is getting Set B and I really wanted to see Bravado and Manhattan Project.

I like 80's Rush as much as any Rush so I was really happy to see some deep cuts added for this tour. The reception was pretty good for everything, especially Red Sector A. I like how they decided to split up the drum solos. The one for Headlong Flight was really epic!

I'm also really glad they added Grand Finale at the end of 2112 to end the show. They should do that everytime they play it.

Highlights were plenty, but I REALLY enjoyed Bravado, Where's My Thing, Manhattan Project and everything from the new album. The string section was an awesome touch. Plus all of the players were really energetic.

T-shirts (about five designs) were $35. DVD's $20, Clockwork Angels book $20, hats $25 (I think), plus a bunch of other stuff.

Now I await the October 28th show...

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