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Hey I have to agree with the poster above...

I know they have an 11:30 stage curfew but WTF! By the time I got in there after standing in line (just shy of 8:00) DeathAngel was on their last song or two. This show would've been better down at the SODO Showbox.

And you are 100% right, the sound for Testament SUCKED. I was standing just right of center and I could barely hear Alex's guitar on the leads. It was BURIED in the mix which was muddy as hell... but when Eric played lead his guitar was way louder! That old hippy in the Kyuss Lives shirt doing sound really did them (especially Alex) an injustice.

They definitely played The New Order... Can't mistake that riff! I can't believe Trial By Fire is not a staple in their set! So bummed to not hear that. To me that's like Anthrax not playing one of their big songs off Among The Living.

I love the artwork for the new album... made such a great back drop.

A different guy was doing the sound for Anthrax and they sounded way better. Amazingly they didn't play anything from Spreading the Disease... That's a crime! I know AIR has shown up in some set list but I don't recall hearing it, And c'mon... No Medusa! Or Madhouse! Both of which I like better... That's just disappointing.

I'm hazy on the main set order but here's a stab at it:

Earth On Hell
The Devil You Know
Caught In A Mosh
Indians (with Run to the Hills drum intro)
Hymn 1 / In The End
Fight 'Em Till You Can't
Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)

The encore was definitely:
Among The Living
Got The Time
I am The Law

I've seen ”In My World” on some set lists towards the end of main set but I don't recall hearing it. I should've made notes on the iphone, everything always blurs together after the show. It was hilarious when they stopped Indians for the War Dance mosh. Scott had to lay down the law LOL.
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