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Originally Posted by anomynous View Post
You can't really say they didn't play AIR if you weren't there for the whole thing. Even though they still might not have.
I was just making an assumption since it was in the first part of the set for the other shows, but yeah, they could have played it later on.

Originally Posted by NecroRob View Post
What venue was this at? Reminds me of when I saw the In Flames/BTBAM/3IoB/Faceless show at the Showbox in Spokane a few years ago. They pushed the start time back a good hour and a half so The Faceless had to start playing as soon as people were allowed to enter the venue, so many people (including me) missed a good part of their set.
It was at the Showbox at the Market. That place usually has some good sound too.

EDIT: My bad, I should have looked that Testament set over again. They did play "The Formation of Damnation" during the encore, "The New Order" or "The Preacher" wasn't played, I don't know which one since the sound was so bad.
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