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I was hoping to hear Upon The Sight Of The Other Shore this past Sunday in Austin, but they didn't play it. I think it's the only track from Atma that I haven't heard live. Lucky you.

They are so crushingly heavy. I chatted with Mike for 5 minutes or so before any bands played in Austin, he's really friendly and was down to talk music. I was swamped with work this week and didn't have a chance to write up a review for the show.

The Cormorant set in Austin was: Scavenger's Feast, Funambulist, and Unearthly Dreamings
9/5-6 - HHB2
9/9 - Bonehunter / Girth
9/14 - High Spirits ?
9/18 - Test
9/23 - Cannibal Ox

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